Shrapnel - 10/12/11

It's a rainy Wednesday, but that doesn't stop it from being Game Day!

Visiting with the Colorado Avalanche is former Jacket Jan Hejda, who is apparently pissed off that the team wouldn't give him a four year or longer contract. Sorry, Jan, but that's show biz.

The Dispatch guys also talked to Scott Howson about Ryan Johansen's place in the lineup and reflected on the team's day off.

Over at Backhand Shelf, they broke down Monday's game tying goal, took a look at touch icing, the best kind of medical staff, adn where to draw the line in goalie interference.

Over at Full Mental Jackets, Greg welcomes in a new member of the team, and Ari talks about the view from 0 and 3.

On the main SBNation hub, Travis talks about the golden opportunity that is the NBA lockout.

Jeff sits us down in psychiatry corner over at TMM, while Carry The Flag talks about special teams needing to be special.

Icethetics continues their look at the changes in uniforms this season on many levels of hockey.

LTL has some pumpkin carving and talks about attendance.

The NHL might be chickening out on realignment. Puck Daddy takes them to task, then investigates Dany Heatley hate in Ottawa, Jim Balsillie coming under fire for pursuing the NHL while his company burns, Sean Avery's trip back into the arms of the Whale, and attendance woes in Dallas.

Over at DBJ, Cody pipes up on his commitment to #Vinning.

Finally, over at Crimespree Hockey, there's a look at the embattled position of Steve Mason. (Mason also appears to have removed his Twitter account, something I would actually say is a good idea. One less distraction for him right now is smart.)

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