Shrapnel - 10/11/11

Sometimes I sit down and know exactly what I want to talk about. Sometimes I stare at the screen because I have all these links to throw in, but tying them together is elusive.
Let's start with some non-hockey news and see if that helps: A big chunk of 270 on the North side is closed due to a tanker truck accident. Be careful and be aware you'll have a really crap commute if you're coming or going anywhere between Polaris and Port Columbus.

Speaking of accidents, let's take a look at the aftermath of Game 3: We've got our recap, Martini Hockey, Puck Rakers, and DBJ. Personally, I think the low attendance is a bit sad, but it's unsurprising - it's not just the slow start (though I'm sure that contributed) - it's an opposing team that has never drawn well in Columbus, on a Monday night, and with a school day the next morning. These are the type of games that ALWAYS draw poorly.

Over at Backhand, there's a look at the use of David Steckel since his trade to Toronto, Justin Bourne has a deep mancrush on Andy MacDonald, and they're running a contest to guess who will pop back into the playoffs this season.

Given the climate around boarding and head shots this summer, it's not surprising that there's speculation about Marc Methot getting a phone call for his hit on Henrik Sedin. I agree it was a big hit, but you also saw Methot attempting to stop. I think the 2 minute minor is "enough", especially since Sedin suffered no ill effects, but we'll see. The Jackets and Canucks were interviewed by Portzline and took about the positions you'd expect.

How much does goaltending affect the Jack Adams Award? Interesting stuff here.

Bob Hunter talks about how these aren't the same old Jackets, echoing a lot of what DBJ said in two posts yesterday. The first 8 games aren't going to really tell us anything, even if the team goes 0-8. (For the record, I don't think they will, but I don't think we're really going to be able to judge anything until they really get the "real" roster out there either.)

Interestingly, despite going 0-2, ESPN moved the Jackets up in their power rankings.

Over at FMJ, Greg had a Mental Monday. Also, not for the squeamish, but Matt Calvert's brother put a picture of the extent of his damage on twitter. Ladies, Matty C. is now sincerely hoping you dig scars.

Your Puck Daddy roundup: some Battle of the Blades, the growing backlash on Don Cherry, and talking about Jack Capuano and Al Montoya.

Last but not least, we got some updates on Jackets prospects Seth Ambroz and Jake Hansen over in the Fanposts - go take a look!

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