Shrapnel - 10/10/11

It's Monday again. We really need to fix that.

The biggest news, if you haven't heard it already, is that Pierre-Marc Bouchard was hit with a Shanaban for the next two games. Meanwhile, Bouchard's agent, Allan Walsh, unloaded via email about the disciplinary ruling. So here's my question: If you're that upset, why not appeal? You've got the power. Use the proper process instead of trying to win the court of public opinion.

Probably because of the fact that regardless of Calvert's lifting of the stick or not, Bouchard is clearly on video as making a hard slash with his stick at another player, and even if not aiming for the mouth, he was still aiming for the upper body. That's still against the rules, and breaks the commitment to be responsible for his stick at all times. Bouchard let his temper get the best of him, made a stupid play, and it had unforseen consequences. That's usually what happens when you think with your anger and not with your head. Walsh's statement is simply damage control for the reputation of a player who could potentially be hitting the free agent market in another year. No more, no less.

For a local take on the suspension, there's details in the Dispatch / Puck-Rakers, DBJ, and Light The Lamp.

Have a few more recaps of this weekend's games from The Other Paper, CBJ Blog, Martini Hockey, TMM, and LTL.

Over at Backhand shelf, Ms. Conduct argues she can be a serious hockey fan and still appreciate the well crafted man-engineering going on. Bonus points for Roberto Luongo = Jeff Goldblum. Anyone know if he can play piano?

Alison suggests a different way to think about the first two games, particularly compared to seasons past.

Blair Betts is going back to Philly due to a lingering shoulder injury, and it puts Paul Holmgren up against the cap AND the NHL contract limit.

Over at Strait-Jackets, Katy has some feedback about the Falcons opening weekend.

Crimespree Hockey calls for an end to the Europe Experiment, Icethetics has new AHL threads, and the Capitals claim there's no goalie controversy after all, giving Vokoun today's start.

Over at DBJ, Gallos talks about how Wiz will not be an instant fix. But he also considers the schedule and has some positive outlook.

Some more Puck Daddy for you: last night's three stars, KHL line brawls, the Jets tribute to Rick Rypien (keep tissues handy), looking at the mood in the 'Peg last weekend, and a new Russian (Nesting Doll) 5.

There's two ways to look at this breakdown of Steve Mason by Hockey Prospectus: Scott Howson has made a major mistake in Mason's development that could burn the entire team...or Steve could step his game up and follow a similar path to Cam Ward. Which one you follow depends entirely on how much coffee you've had so far this morning.

Finally, Shawn Mitchell talks to Arniel about the PP unit, and how they're trying to adjust, particularly with loading up from the point and improving execution.

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