Shrapnel - 1/7/12

Happy Saturday!

With the Jackets taking a matinee game today, let's go for some quick warmups to get you ready.

We have more reactions to the NHLPA's denial of realignment, including a clear picture of the NHLPA's objections at Puck Daddy, while Jeff takes a look at the circling vultures taking advantage of this news. I gave you my take last night, but again, notice that the CBA negotiations are mentioned by both sides in their reactions. Don't be shocked at all if this is a big topic when they start working on the next CBA later this month.

We have a couple more late reactions to Thursday's game from DBJ and strait-jackets, Portzline gives an update from the beach, and Rob shares some thoughts about the Kings last visit to Ohio, and the Jackets returning the favor today.

Backhand Shelf and Travis from SBN both shared their thoughts on this year's 24/7 finale. Perhaps it wasn't as unique or dramatic as last year's debut, but I still enjoyed the series and I hope it will return next season in some form or another.

Alison talks about what really matters over at Heart of a Jacket, the Orlando Solar Bears now have a logo, Bourne talks about taking a puck to the head / face, and an update on the search for the men who attacked a Rangers fan after the Winter Classic.

Puck Daddy thinks that Brian Burke needs to grab Ryan Getzlaf if he hits the market, and the St. Louis Blues sales carousel continues.

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