Shrapnel - 1/6/12

Happy Friday!

A day after the Jackets' offense struggled in their loss to San Jose, it's appropriate that CTF had a piece on what could have been.

If you haven't heard the story of Minnesota high school hockey player Jack Jablonski, please take a moment. Jack went from a top performer to looking at spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair. It's a frightening moment, and Jack is facing the new battle with great courage. He can use all the support he can get.

We've got post-mortems of last night from Martini Hockey and Jackets Report, plus the normal post game quotes.

Tapeleg took in a USHL game on the road, while Martini sees Daniel Carcillo's knee injury (plus 7 game suspension) a fitting moment of karma.

With the news that Rick Nash wants to stay in Columbus, but would consider a trade if the team asked him to, debates rage over what to do. CTF argues between trading Nash or Carter, LTL asks "Why not?", and DBJ has a lot of things to think about. Jeff makes a good point at TMM that we're not likely to see a big move until the all star break, and that the real key to a trade isn't who goes - it's who comes back.

The Philadelphia PD and the guys at Broad Street Hockey are working together to find the "fans" who assaulted a Rangers fan and war hero after the winter classic.

Speaking of the Shanaban on Dan Carcillo, Backhand Shelf argues that it's still way too inconsistent when dealing with repeat offenders, and Adam Proteau at the hockey news gets a standing O in Columbus for calling it ineffective as ever, especially considering the ridiculous Wisniewski suspension.

Martini says this is a make or break month, while LTL compares how Scott Howson and Bob Murray handle their struggling teams.

Finally, Justin Bourne asks, "Who would you want to grab a beer with?"

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