Shrapnel - 1/5 Edition

Here we are. Another game day. Everyone take a deep breath, relax, watch the game, and try not to break something. This is my patient face. I'm going to watch, and cheer like I always do, because I'm a Blue Jacket fan. I recommend you all do the same, because you too, are Jackets fans. Don't give up. We're better than that. From the beginning, you vowed to Carry the Flag. Will you continue to carry it through the hard times?

Brighter days are ahead. That, my friend, I promise you.

And away we go!

From BlueJackets XTRA:

Probable lines for tonight's game:



Hitch is FINALLY getting it. He's decided to play his young players and let them grow instead of holding them back. Finally. Brass, meet my friend, the third period. Third period, this is Derick Brassard, he'll be taking over when your part of the game comes around.

Mike Commodore has been sitting out lately. He'll be doing it more, per his wishes, until he's 100%. His team-first attitude should be commended.



After saying there wouldn't be a call-up, Derek MacKenzie is back! Mac was recalled for tonight's game in Vancouver.


Oh hey, the World Junior Championship match is tonight. USA v. Canada. If its anything like the match-up from New Year's Eve, it'll be worth watching.


Yahoo! Sports:

Puck Daddy looks at the reasons Hitch should be fired. St. Louis did it, and they're better off than we are right now.

He also tells us why the Western Conference is still better than the East.

Another young hot shot hockey player is raising eyebrows in the U-20 World Juniors.


The week ahead. Things could get messy on this road trip.


Spector takes a look at the struggles of the Jackets and Oilers. As if we needed another reason to despise this season.


Quote of the day:

"Unless I have to, I'm not playing until I'm ready, until I'm 100 percent. When is that going to be? I don't know." -Mike Commodore


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