Shrapnel - 1/4 Edition


Ok not exactly the start we wanted to the new year. I'm still waiting for the team to turn the corner and win some games. When will it start, Hitch??

And away we go!

From BlueJackets XTRA:

The team is definitely hot and cold. Right now, the offense is cold but the goaltending and defense is hot hot hot. Its up to Steve Mason and Mathieu Garon to keep up the great job they've done lately.

Q & A with captain Rick Nash. Nasher talks Hitch, the "bad days," and turning this season around. Here's hoping.

An inside look on injuries in the NHL. Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt...

Whats causing all the third period disappointments? Hitch doesn't think it is related to the team's fitness. Anyone could argue against it though.

The Clash once wrote a song called "Should I stay or should I go?" Makes you wonder if a version of the song will surface called "Should he stay or should he go" St. Louis fired Andy Murray. The Blue Jackets are even worse than the Blues and Hitch's job is safe. Weird how the world works.


Update from Vancouver. So much for the "win and you're in" talk.

Team USA's Olympic roster. No Umby? Brian Burke, you suck.

BlueJackets TV:

Postgame comments:





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