Shrapnel - 1/24/12

Well, the good news is that Umby is back. Yeah.

In addition to our recap, check out the takes from DBJ and Puck-Rakers. I think we're all on the same page.

On the other hand, misery LOVES company, and yesterday had no shortage of that around the NHL. Let's start with Alex Ovechkin, who was shanabanned for three games, not including the all star festivities, though there's talk he could miss those, too. The NHL is already naming ASG replacements. Anyone wondering if Rick Nash will get a call tomorrow?

Over at CBJ Pucks & Stuff, there's an interesting piece of history from the earliest days of the team, and Carry The Flag has their next prospect review going.

The other big piece of NHL news actually came off the ice, as the Boston Bruins visited the White House, as traditional for Stanley Cup champions....except that Tim Thomas chose to skip the trip. Thomas is a very staunch Republican who appears to have not wanted to meet with President Obama out of his political beliefs.

Reactions were all over the map, ranging from anger, to disappointment, to shame, to acceptance. If I may step on a soapbox...this sort of event is not about a politician looking for an endorsement. It's the highest office in the country recognizing the reigning champions and giving them a tribute. It would be one thing if Thomas had refused to speak at a political rally, or if the team had been invited to the Democratic National Convention. (Or, for that matter, if a player with firm Left views refused to appear at a Republican event), but this was about an honor for the team. Respect the office even if you don't agree with the man, show up, eat a canape, and at least appear in the photo op, even if you didn't want to shake the man's hand.

Over at Heart of a Jacket, Alison is getting her Office Space on, while Crimespree Hockey wonders if Goon will actually be a good movie for hockey's current climate.

Is Dale Tallon trying to repeat history? If LTL is right that the Jackets' front office is currently a joke, is anyone laughing? Did the Philadelphia Flyers bet on the wrong horse in goal? Are General Managers as tough as in the old days? Who will save the Wheeling Nailers? And the most important question of Jimmy Howard secretly Detroit's enforcer?

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