Shrapnel - 1/22/12

First, a note: I know I'm a couple games behind on scoring chances. Real life has been busy (did I mention I got engaged last week?) but I'm going to try and get caught up on them later today.

In the meantime, the Dispatch has a scary talk with R.J. Umberger about his decision to try to hide concussion symptoms, and what turned him around. Even better, there's good news: Umby passed his baseline tests and he could well be back in the lineup vs. Nashville or Tuesday vs. Tampa Bay.

Concussions are also very much on people's minds in Philadelphia - Danny Briere is the latest Flyer to be taken out of the lineup, and his condition doesn't sound good. Lauren Pronger, wife of Chris Pronger, also spent some time talking to the media about what it's been like as her husband tries to recover, and it makes you think about the ways these injuries seriously impact the player's home life.

Jeff Little has some Friday Follies at TMM, and Mr. Martini thinks about how many guys we barely saw on the ice this season.

Over at Backhand Shelf, they look at the evolution of Tyler Bozak in Toronto, they pump Roberto Luongo's tires, and Taylor Hall is getting sick of losing.

Statistically, did the Blues overpay for Brian Elliott? Quite possibly. I'd snark more, but we committed $2.9 million to Steve Mason.

Over at CTF, Dan looks back at how the season started.

Puck Daddy takes a look at the Nikitin injury including a well deserved blast at the Wings' announcers, while Puck Rakers has their own update. At this point, we still have no update on the injury.

Puck Daddy also has an interesting look at the stories both on and off the ice at the KHL all star game.

Finally, recaps from last night's loss courtesy of Puck Rakers and DBJ. Onward!

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