Shrapnel 1/16/12

Just a quick and dirty one for you this morning as we all grab our coffee and run out the door.

Over at DBJ, Rick Gethin gives an interesting argument for a surgical rebuild, even laying out some suggestions on who to save and who to move.

Over at Hockey Prospectus, Tom Awad looks at Columbus' PDO stats (we'll have more on this later today) and predicts more hard times to come.

Katy gives us a look back at the end of 2011 for the Falcons over at strait-jackets, and the guys at The Cannon Report work on getting another podcast ready. (A little bird tells me they'll be piling on a nice Scott Arniel retrospective.)

Over at the Dispatch, the Jackets' notebook looks at players suddenly getting hot and the upcoming hearing today for Dane Byers.

We have more spit related antics in the Habs / Rangers game from last night, the Wild have lost Mikko Koivu for a month, and Malkin went crazy vs. the Lightning yesterday.

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