Shrapnel - 1/12/12

Welcome to Thursday!

If I can take a moment to be a corporate shill, would you mind taking a look at the new and improved Twitter and Facebook pages for the SBNation NHL team? We'll be seeing pieces from the NHL hub, original content, and unique stuff from every hockey blog on SBNation promoted there for your reading pleasure. Make sure to give them a follow or drop a few "Likes" on them today!

Back here in Columbus, Carry The Flag had their thoughts on the end for Coach Arniel, while Martini Hockey wasn't thrilled with the rocky beginnings for Todd Richards. Puck Rakers talks about the team looking to regroup, Alison puts together a short A-list at DBJ, and an update from Mr. Mitchell on the coach adjusting to the new role in the Dispatch.

The Jackets' notebook mostly comes down to "Stalberg kills us", but the news that Jeff Carter is following up with another doctor on Friday might be a good sign. If his shoulder injury was less serious than originally feared, particularly if he doesn't require surgery, we might see him back in the lineup before April.

Over at Backhand Shelf, Justin continues to measure the "beerability" of NHL coaches, what the word "We" means when hockey players use it, and Chris talks about the struggles of supporting the Canucks. To which I say "Boo hoo, your perennial cup contender sometimes makes you feel a bit dirty." Try 9 years out of the last 10 without playoffs and we'll talk about struggles of supporting a team.

CBJ Blog fires off a pair of missives, one asking who the team should keep, and who needs to be out the door and the other looking at the struggles of Antoine Vermette. Over at TMM, Jeff watched Tuesday's game and sees a re-tooling effort getting underway. Tapeleg talks about looking back in time at his blog at JAHL, LTL shares TV news for the frozen diamond faceoff this weekend, and Bruce looks at the injuries to Minnesota Youth Hockey players Jack Jablonski and Jenna Privette and sees a growing problem.

At Puck Daddy, Dustin Penner is owning his image in a pretty fantastic way, Dion Phaneuf is accused of being overrated by his peers, a few guesses at all star nominations, and the news that it looks like the next Winter Classic is headed to The Big House.

That's it for now - have a great morning!

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