Show Your Loyalty - O CAPTAIN OUR CAPTAIN!

Who wants a cool shirt? You want a cool shirt! Check out our tribute to the Blue Jackets' new Captain!

Hey, Cannon fans!

We've had a semi-regular tradition of producing shirt designs now and then, and SBNation just partnered with a new company, BreakingT, that's going to make it easier and faster than ever.

So after Nick Foligno was named Captain of the Blue Jackets, we thought, "What better way to get started?"

We reached out to the BreakingT guys, bounced a few ideas around, and came up with this!

Personally? I think it's pretty darn snazzy.

Want one? Awesome! You can grab them right here! They're available in sizes from Small-3X, and they're ready to ship as I type this!

We've got our Captain. Let's tell EVERYBODY. On your body.

As we've done in the past, our portion of the shirt sales will be donated to charity - in this case, we will be donating proceeds to the Janis Foligno Foundation.

I'm probably supposed to do some kind of fancy marketing copy here, blah blah, rich cornithian leather, synergy, yadda yadda - just grab yourself a cool shirt!

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