Should The Blue Jackets Alter Logo Set To Keep Cannon Around?

No, <em>we</em> aren&#39;t going anywhere, but with the news breaking yesterday of no alternate jerseys for the 2017/18 season in the NHL, that awesome Cannon logo the Jackets use might go hide for a bit.

Ever since I began following the Blue Jackets and joined the fandom (way back in the lockout-shortened season of 2013), it's long been desired from a portion of the fanbase that the Jackets promote their alternate Cannon logo to the primary, and relegate the current primary back to secondary status.

Man, how confusing is that sentence to read if you don't know much about logos.

The organization, on several occasions, have pledged loyalty to the current logo set, keeping the Flag-C-Star (you all see the "C" that the flag makes when it's wrapped around the star, right?) as the team's primary and keeping the alternate Cannon design just that.

Once news broke that Adidas, for their first year as the NHL's jersey supplier, will provide only home and away sweaters, I took to the twitter to voice my displeasure.

I got several replies, and everyone who chimed in basically ran the gambit of how you can feel about the current Jackets' third jersey. But one concept kept coming back - they just unveiled a red, white and blue version of the logo and put it on the shoulder.

I, along with several of you on the twitterscape, kind of came to a conclusion that I think we all can agree on: what if the Jackets throw the red, white and blue Cannon crest onto the blue home sweaters, but keep the road whites as is.

And really, why not? The biggest complaint I've heard in regards to the current third jersey is that folks aren't a fan of the cream. And that's fine - I do not particularly align myself with such a viewpoint - but if you do, hey, no judgement here. (Okay, honestly, there's a little judgement.)

But this is perfect. The best of both worlds. If you like the Cannon logo, perfect, because when you head to NWA, you'll get to see it. (Of course, the primary will just be moved to the shoulder patch, where it originated.) When the Jackets hit the road, Ohio will be represented proudly with the Star-C-Flag over top the white sweater.

Plus, once alternate sweaters come back for 2018/19, it'll open the opportunity for this beauty.

Hey, let me dream my dream.

Should the Blue Jackets modify their uniform set to include the Cannon logo for next season?

Absolutely they should92
Nah, I can go without a Cannon uni for a year45

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