Scott Howson's First Round Press Conference

As the first round spun to a halt, Scott Howson met with the media to discuss the outcome today.

Some interesting tidbits in addition to our video:

  • Ryan Murray was The Guy from the start. If Murray had not been available, Scott Howson had offers to trade that he considered "very tempting" and would likely have moved down.
  • Even though Howson took multiple calls about trades during the draft, it was "all picks, no players." Let the Rick Nash saga continue...
  • It appears Howson was tipped off before the first round began that Edmonton would take Nail Yakupov first overall.
  • The team considered taking LA's pick, but the players they had targeted if they'd moved up weren't available, and another player the team is "extremely high on" dropped to where he could be taken with the 31st overall pick.
  • Howson had been targeting Sergei Bobrovsky for some time, and seems to have had a deal on the table for the last month or so.
  • The team feels that Ryan Murray might be capable of stepping into the NHL next season, but they will wait to see what happens in training camp before making any decisions.

That's it for tonight - check out the video after the jump, and we'll be back tomorrow morning!

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