Scott Howson Post-Draft Press Conference

Scott Howson met with the media briefly after the conclusion of the 7th round, and had a few things to say.

  • The team was committed to Oscar Dansk once he fell to the 31st pick, and had no intention of trading.
  • In a draft that was completed with world-record speed, almost no calls came in about trading picks or players after the early second round.
  • Howson seems fairly committed to trading Rick Nash, even though he didn't feel "pressure" to get a deal done from the other teams talking to him. When asked if he had discussed Nash being on the roster next season, Howson said he hadn't had any discussions with Nash or his agent about that scenario yet.
  • Ryan Murray, Oscar Dansk, Joonas Korpisalo, and John Anderson are all expected to attend prospect camp.
  • It sounds like Howson expects Dansk to play in the OHL, and they may encourage Korpisalo to go that direction, too. Should be interesting to see what happens.
  • Getting additional NHL quality forwards is going to be a priority for free agency / trades. Expect a lot of movement over the next few weeks...

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