NHL FanPulse: Columbus fans think the Jackets will be buyers

Has your opinion changed?

The latest edition of SB Nation FanPulse asked readers if their teams would be buyers or sellers at the upcoming trade deadline. By an overwhelming margin, Blue Jackets fans thought their team would be buyers:

This poll was taken last week, before the unfortunate injuries to Seth Jones and Cam Atkinson. Does this change anyone’s mind, or does it make you more certain? If there were a third choice to do nothing, would you pick that instead?

Should the Jackets buy, sell, or let it ride?

I voted buy, and I still think so80
I voted buy, but I no longer think so13
I voted sell, and I still think so13
I voted sell, and I no longer think so2
I think they should stick with the roster they have96

During the bye week, fans were asked for the first time this season whether they were confident in the direction of their team. That question is being asked again this week. If you have not signed up to participate in FanPulse already,  you may do so here.

The results were unanimous that Jackets fans were confident in the direction of the team. Will this change after two more major injuries?

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