SB Nation's NHL Awards 2012: The Cannon's Norris Trophy Ballot

Over the past week or so, many of SB Nation's hockey writers have submitted their picks for the major NHL awards, and over the next few days we'll reveal the results. Yesterday, the Norris winner was chosen, with Shea Weber coming out on top.

Each writer submitted a first, second and third choice for the award. The first place vote was given three points, second place two, and third was given a single point. Matt and I each took part, and here are our picks:

Mike Matt
1- Erik Karlsson
1- Shea Weber
2- Shea Weber 2- Nicklas Lidstrom
3- Zdeno Chara
3- Erik Karlsson

I don't normally like to give the Norris to the defenseman who scores the most points, but this season Karlsson was just dominant offensively. In this day and age, your defensemen need to be big contributors to the offense. Shea Weber is more well-rounded than Karlsson, and was a very close second in my voting. Zdeno Chara's presence in my top three shouldn't shock anyone. Matt didn't put the same emphasis on Karlsson as I did, ranking him third behind Weber and the ageless wonder Nick Lidstrom.

What do you think of our picks? Let us know in the comments.

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