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Rick Nash Trade Watch

Rick Nash Traded to New York Rangers

Rick Nash, Steve Delisle and a conditional thrid round pick are traded to the New York Rangers for Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov, Tim Erixon and a first round pick.

Rick Nash: Better Dead Than Red?

Reports have surfaced that the Detroit Red Wings are making a big push for Rick Nash, but Scott Howson doesn't seem to be interested in sending him to the original six club. Is it the right call?

Why Rick Nash is Still a Jacket: An Outsider's Perspective

An article from Travis Hughes, SBNation hockey editor, on one of the main reasons Rick Nash is still a Blue Jacket.

Scott Howson Can't Win

Scott Howson has the difficult task of trading Columbus' only true superstar, and he simply can't win no matter the outcome.

Howson, Rick Nash, & Detroit - An Unholy Bargain?

News suggests that Rick Nash COULD be headed to Detroit. Is there any package that would make such a deal worth it for Columbus?

All Quiet On The Nash Front

After a relatively modest first day of free agency, Rick Nash is still a Blue Jacket. But what does that mean?

Scott Howson's First Round Press Conference

Scott Howson met with the media after the first round of the 2012 NHL Draft tonight. We've got exclusive video!

Potential Trade Packages for Rick Nash- Western Conference

A look at some potential Western Conference trade packages for Rick Nash.

Potential Trade Packages for Rick Nash - Eastern Conference

Potential trade packages for Rick Nash, starting with the Eastern Conference.

Blue Jackets 2012 Offseason: Any Means Necessary?

Will Scott Howson trade the #2 overall pick? Probably not, but why not keep the options open?

Why It's Time for Columbus to Let Rick Nash Go in Peace

In an effort to make peace with the potential trade of Rick Nash, The Cannon takes a look at how Nash compares with other top goal scorers in terms of playoff games played.

Could The Jackets Do Business In Beantown?

According to Jeff Rimmer, the Bruins are very interested in acquiring Rick Nash for next season. We take a look at some pieces that could be on the move.