Recent History of the 16th Pick: Draft Preview Part II

To best understand what will be available when we get to the draft table we need to take a walk down memory lane. I have chosen to go back to the year 1998 to begin our analysis, I have concluded in the year 2006 because any later is way too close to get a read on the players. 06 is even pushing it.

We will be picking 16th, unless Anaheim somehow wins the cup. So I have included the 15th and 16th overall player in each draft. I have also listed notable players who were selected later in the first round.


15. Mathieu Chouinard

16. Eric Chouinard

Later first rounder: Regehr (19), Gagne (22), Gomez (30)


15. Scott Kelman

16. David Tanabe

Later first rounder: Jackman (17)


15. Artie Kryukov

16. Marcel Hossa

Later first rounder: Orpik (18), Boyes (24), Kronwall (29)


15. Igor Knyazev

16. RJ Umberger

Later first rounder: Gleason (23)


15. Jesse Niinimaki

16. Jakub Klepis

Later first rounder: Steen (24)


15. Robert Nillson

16. Steve Bernier

Later first rounder: Parise (17), Getzlaf(19), Burns (20), Richards (24), Perry (28)


15. Alexander Radulov

16. Petteri Nokelainen

Later first rounder: Zajac (20), Wolski (21), Meszaros (23), Green (29)


15. Ryan O’Marra

16. Alex Bourret

Later first rounder: Parent (18), Oshie (24)


15. Riku Helenius

16. Ty Wishart

Later first rounder: Berglund (25)

My research was done at a great site for information.

As you can see there has not been a lot of magic that has happened out of that number 16 draft spot. Our very own RJ Umberger would be the best among that list. It comes down to scouting. As it can be seen by the impressive first round list, there are plenty of great players that are picked in this range.

Parise – Getzlaf – Perry

Steen – Richards – Boyes

Wolski – Zajac - Oshie

Regehr – Green

Orpik – Kronwall

Gleason – Burns

Jackman – Meszaros

This would be a pretty impressive team with a free agent goalie. In recent years Boyd and his staff have done a pretty solid job of drafting. In a lot of the previous years Maclean had his hand in the first round picks, which may have twisted some otherwise good picks… Phaneuf for Zherdev anyone? Maclean trumped Boyd on that one.

Any magical feelings about picking in the sweet sixteen spot? Any targets you have on the radar? Fire Away.

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