Recap: Cleveland Monsters Run Out of Gas in Season Finale

Monsters drop their final game of the regular season to the Manitoba Moose, 1-0.

Manitoba Moose (1) at Cleveland Monsters (0)

Attendance: 13,221



Craig Dalpe Tynan
Ramage Stanton


Harkins Cormier Lipon
Nogier Strait

Goal Recap

The battle was hard fought between the two teams. Both literally and figuratively. Between the two teams, 21 penalties totaling 81 minutes were doled out and two people were ejected from the game. Both teams had a lot of momentum going for much of the game. However, once the Moose scored the game stayed in Manitoba's favor.

The lone goal came 14 seconds into the third period after Kyle Connor was able to bang one home over Forsberg's right shoulder.

But Wait! There's More

Quick Thoughts

  • Markus Hannikainen had a nice steal in the first few minutes of the first period but had to throw it away. The Moose put too much pressure on him. This would happen a  few more times during the game.
  • The Monsters power play held up well tonight. Scoring a goal would have been the only way to make it better.
  • Yet again, you know a game is intense when Dean Kukan and Zac Dalpe get into it with their opponents. Dalpe even earned a fighting major tonight.
  • Joe Pendenza laid a few Oleg Yevenko sized hits tonight.  The guy has no fears.
  • Sonny Milano brought some intensity to the game during the second period. He laid out some heavy hits, jawed a few of the Moose players, and pushed someone out of his way. It's always nice when feisty Milano comes out to protect himself during a game.
  • For the second night in a row,  Vitaly Abramov was targeted by the Manitoba Moose. Thursday night's incident led to an immediate goal from Markus Hannikainen. Friday night's incident led to the rumble of the season.
  • There was definitely a style change on the ice tonight. The Monsters didn't seem to have the same finesse or spunk as they did the night before.   /

“I think we ran out of gas.  We've been on the run for some time now. Must-win situations for the  last bit, 15, 16 games.” - Head Coach John Madden

3 Stars

1st – Eric Comrie (30 shots faced, 30 save, TOI: 59:51, SHUTOUT)

2nd- Kyle Connor (1g, 0a)

3rd – Anton Forsberg (29 saves, 30 shots faced, TOI: 58:15)

Rule Book Lesson

Tonight there were a few penalties called that don't normally make appearances in the games. I thought I would bring to you what the rule book says about them.

Both of these penalties came 11:11 into the second period during the massive rumble that broke out between the bench and the players on the ice.

Pascal Vincent, the head coach of the Moose, was ejected from the after the bench received a “Game Misconduct – Abuse of the official”.

Rule 39.5

Game misconduct penalties shall be assessed under this rule for the following infractions.

1. Any player who, after being assessed a misconduct penalty,  persists in challenging or disputing the ruling of an official

2.When a player, goalkeeper, Coach or non-playing person uses  obscene, profane or abusive language or gesture directed at any on  or off-ice official or uses the same name of any officially coupled  with any vociferous remarks, after already being assessed a bench  minor penalty (39.3 (ii)), this Coach or non-playing person is to be  assessed a game misconduct and the situation reported to the  President for further action. When this type of conduct occurs after the expiration of the game, on or off the ice, the game misconduct shall be applied without the necessity of having been assessed a  bench minor penalty previously.

3. Any player who deliberately applies physical force in any  manner against an official, in any manner attempts to injure an  official, physically demeans, or deliberately applies physical force  to an official solely for the purpose of getting free of such an  official during or immediately following an altercation shall  receive a game misconduct penalty and the guidelines set out in Rule  40- Physical Abuse of Officials are to be applied.

4. Any player who, having entered the penalty bench, leaves the penalty bench prior to the expiration of his penalty for the purpose of challenging an official’s ruling, shall be assessed a game misconduct penalty. He shall also be automatically suspended for the next three (3) regular League and/or Playoff games of his Club. This rule does not replace any other more severe penalty that may be imposed for leaving the penalty bench for the purpose of starting or participating in an altercation. See Rule 70 – Leaving the Bench.

5. Any player, goalkeeper, Coach or non-playing person who throws or shoots any equipment or other objects in the general direction of an official but does not come close to making contact.  This action may occur on or off the ice.

6. In general, participants displaying this type of behavior are assessed a minor then misconduct and then a game misconduct if they persist with this type of behavior.

Any player, goalkeeper, Coach or non-playing Club personnel penalized under this section may be subject to supplemental discipline under Rule 28

There was a lot going on during the brawl. A glove ended up in the stands, there was a lot of yelling, and the refs definitely took a few accidental blows when they stepped in to break up the fights. Honestly, it probably boiled down to number six on the list.

Darren Kramer was also ejected for “Fighting off the playing surface” when he went to town on Jordan Maletta. Kramer was on the bench and Maletta was on the ice.

Rule 46.8

A misconduct or game misconduct penalty shall be imposed on any player involved in fighting off the playing surface or with another player who is off the playing surface. These penalties are in addition to any other time penalties assessed, including the major penalty for fighting.

Whenever a Coach or other non-playing Club personnel becomes involved in an altercation with an opposing player, Coach or other nonplaying Club personnel on or off the ice, shall be automatically suspended from the game, ordered to the dressing room and the matter will be reported to the President for further disciplinary action.

Playoff Race

The Checkers pushed the Griffins to overtime tonight. Luckily, the Griffins came victorious. Now, the Monsters depend on the Chicago Wolves to close things out in regulation against the Checkers tomorrow night.

“We'll just keep our fingers crossed and hopefully we'll get another kick at the can here” - Head Coach John Madden

What's Next

I can't answer this question until around 10:30 pm Saturday night.

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