Recap: What Do You Mean, “Defend Nationwide Arena”?

Humiliation. In every single sense of the word.

As most, if not all, of you know, there were a lot of Angry Seeds recaps last season. The team was bad, I was frustrated, and I just wanted the season to end.

I came into the season with low expectations. Through October and November, as the team built momentum, I had a sense of guarded optimism. Then the streak happened, and I bought in. Literally.

Tonight, for the first time this season, Angry Seeds is recapping. And, frankly, it’s been a long time coming. In a way, I almost feel more at home recapping after a garbage game. It’s more natural, given how last season went after I joined the Cannon. I’m not used to success, so I’m back in my element.

Since the 16th win of the streak, Columbus has gone 8-8-1  [EDIT: 7-9-1, or even worse than I thought!] after tonight. An emotional letdown was inevitable after the streak, but fans hoped the Jackets could get their mojo back after the All Star Break. Instead, they’ve completely no showed at home twice, played down to competition, and barely hung in to the game against the Penguins before falling in overtime.

The no shows at home are the worst. To be absolutely humiliated twice in a row, in their own barn, in front of massive crowds, is just absolutely pathetic. I can’t even express how frustrating it is to watch horrible pass after horrible pass, watch below .500 teams march into Nationwide Arena and absolutely kick this team’s ass from the word go.

It’s shameful.

Vancouver has now won just 7 road games this season, and this is their first road shutout.

The specifics: Vancouver won 3-0, and it felt so much worse. The Canucks sported goals from Daniel Sedin at 0:34 of the second period, Brandon Sutter at 8:53 of the second, and Jayson Megna at 10:17 of the third. Ryan Miller posted a 33 save shutout, and one struggles to think of a high danger chance that he faced.

So. Where do we go from here.

This team needs shaken up. There’s pretty clearly been an attitude shift in since the streak. Torts has mentioned it, the announcers have mentioned it, podcasts have mentioned it. This team played with a chip on their shoulder for 3 months, and now it seems like the sense of entitlement has crept back into the locker room.

Any one of Brandon Saad, Sam Gagner, Matt Calvert, Boone Jenner, and Josh Anderson could use some time in the press box. Unfortunately, because of hilariously bad roster management, this team has no room to call anyone up since apparently losing Prout or Harrington is detrimental to the future of the club. Forwards need to be pushed. The blue line needs David Savard back. Sergei Bobrovsky needs to find his groove. I’d be just fine seeing Joonas Korpisalo on Saturday night.

The lack of emotion - which Torts even acknowledged in the post game press conference - and the flat play of the team is horribly concerning. If this team can’t get up for a near-sellout at home, can’t take teams seriously, can’t come out and play with urgency, they’re going to lose a lot of games before the end of the season. Potentially “miss the playoffs” a lot of games.

There is no excusing what happened against the Canucks. And if this team cannot come out and play with fire and urgency and speed against the Red Wings, they’ll be in real danger of a slide.

We’ll see how they respond.

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