Quick Takes: Let’s vent about the Jackets

Use this space to work out all your anger and frustration

The first period was great. Lots of forechecking. Lots of sustained possession in the offensive zone. Foligno got his 17th goal of the season to give Columbus a 1-0 lead.

Things went to hell in the second period. Everything good that happened in the first just...stopped happening. Columbus couldn’t maintain possession. Bob let in a series of soft goals and got pulled for Korpisalo after giving up his fourth goal early in the third.

With 5 minutes left Cam Atkinson got a goal but the game was already effectively over at that point.

So here’s the deal: there was a lot of frustration in the game thread, and I think we all need a chance to vent. This post is your space for that. Let it fly. Work out all your anger and frustration at the recent stretch of play by the Blue Jackets. Let out all your most pessimistic fears and concerns and whatnot. Whatever makes you feel better.

In the morning I’ll post the full recap and at that point I will hope for more reasoned discussion about what is going wrong at the moment and how it can be fixed.

Note: all Community rules still apply. Keep the profanity to a minimum and there should be absolutely no personal attacks on other commenters. If you’re like me and have more positive takes, I’d suggest saving them for the full recap.

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