Quick Takes: Canucks at Blue Jackets

Here’s what happened.

The Blue Jackets returned home tonight to open their seven game homestand. Josh Anderson returned to the lineup after being pulled out of the last game and tested for a concussion.

In town tonight were the visiting Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks, who were coming into the game struggling of late, needed to make a push to have any hope of reaching the playoffs this season. They had lost 5 of their last 6.

Vancouver opened the scoring 30 seconds into the second period and never looked back. Columbus certainly didn’t do a damn thing to make them even sweat, generating exactly one dangerous chance (Seth Jones hit the crossbar) en route to a shameful 3-0 loss on home ice.

Vancouver had not shut out a team on the road all season until tonight.

The Blue Jackets have had two straight absolutely humiliating losses at home. One of any four forwards could use some time on the bench, but we have no room to call any of them up, because we have to carry dead weight for some stupid reason.

Complete and total joke to play two games of this ignominious caliber in a row at home.

Stop giving them days and mornings off. They don’t deserve it.

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