Potential Trade Packages for Rick Nash- Western Conference

This morning I posted a list of potential trade assets from the Eastern Conference, and here is the same for the Western Conference.

As before, these are just speculative looks at players/picks that could be in play. I decided to look at every team, not just the ones who have reportedly expressed interest in trading for Nash. There really is no baseline for what would be going back to the Jackets in a potential Nash deal, but I stick to my Big Contract, Young Roster Player, Top Prospect, and First Round Pick baseline.

Click to Enlarge:


As much as we'd all hate to see Nash traded to a division rival, the Blues are well-stocked with young talent. The Ducks and Coyotes are also loaded with good young players that would look good in Union Blue. I still would really consider a deal with Vancouver, given what they have to offer.

As before, this is just an effort to start conversation. Some (if not most) of these teams aren't in the running for Nash. Also, his no-trade clause would eliminate many of these teams.

Let me know which packages interest you the most from the Western Conference.

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