Podcast Time - Dan Joins DKM!

As you might remember if you attended CannonFest, I have joined up with John and Morgan of the DKM Hockey Podcast, and we launch our first episode today!

As you know, I've often longed to have a consistent podcast for The Cannon. For awhile last summer, I was doing well. Then, the season went to hell, and with it went my podcasting ambitions. Add in having a three year old, a new job description, and much less free time, and...

You all know what happened.

One of my goals for my podcast was always to make it seem like more of a chat than an interview. With the guys from the site, I was successful from time to time with that, but not nearly as much as I would have liked.

Enter John and Morgan from DKM. With third member Joe taking some time away, the guys reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in joining their crew, and I have done so. Today marks the launch of our new fortnightly endeavor to bring you an entertaining and informative podcast on the CBJ and the surrounding fanscape.

We hope you enjoy it.

If you haven't done so, subscribe in iTunes (or your podcasting app of choice), or head over to the reconstituted DKM Hockey website for all the details.


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