Playoff Prediction Round Two

Double point round.

As a reminder, here was the previous post:

It will now be 8 points for picking a losing team and 2 points for each game off. Carolina's Upset special really stretched out the scoring.

Here is the scoreboard

Barga = 10 points (Only missing 1 Eastern Series, by 1 game and Pegged Anaheim)

Mike = 12 points (Missed 5 series, by 2 games or less)

BZArcher = 24 points (Died with the Canadiens and CBJ)

Clint = 24 points (Killed by the Jackets, Flyers and Devils)

Andy = 28 points (Was within 1 game on one series. :-))

Here comes the second round of picks

Slash's Picks

Pittsburgh in 6.

This is the series the NHL has prayed for. It will be great to see it on this stage. I think Pittsburgh's offense can outclass the Capitals defense. I have not been enamored with the Caps at all this year and I think Pittsburgh will expose them. Pittsburgh will need strong play out of defensive core.

Boston in 6.

The Canes played a great, memorable series with the Devils, but I think Boston is just too much for them. If they get more great play from Ward, I think this could be an upset, but I think Boston can effectively lock down Carolina's best players.

Detroit in 7.

I expect the Ducks to bring it to Detroit. I said in my original post that Anaheim was the best 8 seed I can remember. These guys have been playoff tested and will throw it into Detroit's face. We had the most success in Detroit when we played physical. That can work two ways, either it will get Detroit out of their game or Detroit will grill Anaheim on the PP.

Vancouver in 6.

I think Vancouver will be well prepared for the Chicago attack. Vancouver is a much more physical team than Chicago and will bring it more consistently than Calgary. This was the series I had to put the most thought in, but I think Luongo is the difference in this series.

Case's Picks

Detroit in 6

Anaheim will make this a series, but Detroit is just too good.

Chicago in 6

I’m probably a fool to be picking against Luongo right now. This is just one that I can’t overrule my heart.

Washington in 7

I will pick against Pittsburgh until I am mathematically eliminated from this game. I just don’t buy their depth at wing. Varlamov will be the key.

Carolina in 6

I said the winner of Carolina/New Jersey will make it to the Finals, and I’ll stick by that. Ward can win them this series. I just wish I would have gone with my heart and picked them over the Devils in round one. I knew it would go to 7, and basically flipped a coin to pick the winner.

Mac's Picks

Caps over Pens in 5
Canes over Bruins in 6
Hawks over Canucks in 6
Wings over Ducks in 7

Jump on in with your picks.

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