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Playoff Prediction Round 3

Get excited for the triple point round.

Take a look at scoreboard including the double point scores

Mike = 12 points +14 points = 26 points (Only missed the Caps)

Andy = 28 points +12 points = 40 points (The comeback)

Barga = 10 points + 34 points = 44 points (Not playing great defense)

Clint = 24 points + 20 points = 44 points (plugging along)

BZArcher = 24 points +30 points = 54 points (missed a couple)

We now need to pick our conference champions AND the Stanley Cup Champs

Slash’s picks

Pittsburgh in 6. Staal vs. Staal. I expect this to be a really good series. I’ve doubted the Canes in every round so far and they have proved me wrong. I will once again doubt them here. Crosby has played amazing hockey and their defense has looked very mobile and good. I’ve really be impressed by Eaton so far in the playoffs.

Detroit in 6. I don’t expect the Hawks to beat the Wings. I honestly think that the Ducks will prove to be a tougher opponent than the Hawks. If Osgood plays well, the Wings might win this series faster. I don’t know if Chicago will be able to match the grit Detroit has shown in this series.

Pittsburgh over Detroit in 7. A reversal of last year. Marian will be the bad luck charm. Malkin and Crosby will have to show up. They have the ability of putting two world class players on the ice against the Detroit D at different times. That is not something the Wings have had to deal with much this year. It should make the Pens as dangerous on the road as at home. Pittsburgh’s d will have to show up to win this series, but I think they can.

Case’s picks

I can’t stop now: I said if Carolina beat New Jersey, I thought they’d go to the Finals. I also said I’d pick against Pittsburgh until I was eliminated from this game. Carolina has some scary good players when it comes to playoff time. And how about Cam Ward?

Carolina in 7.

I felt a bit foolish picking Chicago over Vancouver, but I was right. I don’t think (well, I hope, anyway) that Detroit and Chris Osgood will be able to stop them.

Chicago in 6.

Stanley Cup: Carolina in 6.

All that said, I have this gut feeling we’re totally going to see Detroit-Pittsburgh rematch in the Finals, but I’ll stick with my heart for this round.

Mac’s picks

Carolina over Pittsburgh in 6

I think the Canes are on a high from their victory over the best team in the East this year, and will carry that momentum into the series against the Pens. Ward is the Conn Smythe favourite thus far, and the playoffs are always about goaltending. Carolina is also a very deep team, and these two factors will lead the Canes to the Cup finals.

Detroit over Chicago in 5

The Wings are built for the playoffs. Chicago is a very good team, but young. They are playing on adrenaline right now, along with the stellar play of Khabiboulin. I think Chicago’s strong season ends against the powerful Wings.

Carolina over Detroit in 6

This has the makings of a very intense series, with two teams built in similar fashion. Cam Ward is the difference as the Canes take home their second Stanley Cup!

Hit the comments, get your picks in.