Offseason Open Thread 2.0

It’s Draft Week!

Are you over the Capitals Stanley Cup hangover yet? Because now the NHL gets back to work!

Wednesday night is the annual NHL Awards ceremony.

The NHL Entry Draft runs this weekend, starting with the first round on Friday.  Who do you think the Jackets will take? Do you think they’ll trade up?

The buyout window is open now, and teams may begin negotiating with free agents after the draft. July 1 is the first day to officially sign unrestricted free agents. That is also the day that 2019 free agents are eligible for contract extensions.

Stay tuned to the Cannon for draft coverage this weekend, and previews of free agency as it approaches.

In league news, the first big trade of the offseason happened when Montreal shipped Alex Galchenyuk (often discussed as someone Columbus should target) to Arizona for Max Domi. The consensus seems to be that Montreal got the worst of this. GM Marc Bergevin in the last three offseasons has sent away P.K. Subban, Mikhail Sergachev, and Alex Galchenyuk for Shea Weber, Jonathan Drouin, and Max Domi. Are the Canadiens better for it? I don’t think so.

Who is the worst GM in the NHL right now?

Chiarelli (Edmonton)47
Bergevin (Montreal)41
Tallon (Florida)7
Other (explain in the comments0

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