October 13th FSOhio / DISH Network Update

From FS Ohio:

On October 1, Dish Network dropped FOX Sports Ohio and left thousands of customers without television coverage of their favorite sports teams.

As a result, Columbus Blue Jackets fans with Dish Network will miss tonight's 6pm premiere of Blue Jackets Slap Shots, as well as the team's home opener this Friday, Oct. 15 when they take on the Chicago Blackhawks at 7pm following a one-hour special Blue Jackets Live pregame show.

Fox has been attempting to negotiate a fair agreement with Dish for over six months, but Dish has been slow to respond. Even now, Dish is not actively negotiating, and unfortunately, a deal is not expected anytime soon. There's a good chance fans will miss the entire season of Blue Jackets hockey, as well as the Cavaliers and college football and basketball. We regret the inconvenience this has caused.

Instead of trying to reach a fair agreement and giving its customers back FOX Sports Ohio, Dish puts its effort into making ridiculous claims about our proposals. Their suggestion that Fox is seeking a 50 percent increase in programming fees is flat-out wrong. Our proposals are fair and reasonable and consistent with the agreements we have with hundreds of other cable and satellite companies.

Fortunately, fans don't have to miss their Blue Jackets games, as there are alternatives. What should they do? Call 1-877-99-I-PAID or go to www.getwhatipaidfor.com to learn about their options.

If you are not a DISH customer, you will not be affected and get to enjoy all of FOX Sports Ohio's Blue Jackets telecasts this season.

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