Now it's your turn: What's a successful season to you?

Up and down and up and down and...

What's a successful season to you?

We've gone back and forth--much like this team--from talking about the draft, to talking about a modest 2-game winning streak. We've talked about how we got here. Where we're going.

We've talked about Todd Richards puzzling decisions (while being handcuffed by injuries and the roster he was given by management). From last night's recap:

In his post-game comments, Todd Richards appeared to suggest that the Blue Jackets did not take their foot off the gas, but that the issues started by trying to get the fourth goal. First, that was directly contrary to assistant coach Brad Larsen's characterization of the situation from behind the bench during the second period, and really defies the patent logic that the television screen and the statistics showed. Richards admits he doesn't see much of the game on the ice, because he is paying attention to "other things". Perhaps that needs to change, as he is apparently allocating ice time and making key decisions based upon impressions gleaned from incomplete information. The Blue Jackets were a loose, confident bunch in the first, and during the first minute of the second. Then it changed, and the makeshift adjustments appeared to only make the situation worse.

So I'd like to hear from you. What is success? No one wants to talk about being dead last a year after being in the playoffs. But this team has been behind Buffalo--BUFFALO--for way too long now. Letestu's still out. Anisimov's out again. Dubinsky's 6 weeks have become 8. Horton.

Do you want to see this team get healthy in January, pull off an 8 game winning streak and end up with the 9th overall pick?

Is another change necessary? Roster? Coaching?

Or does the wait and see approach still sound like a good idea? How long do you wait?

There may not be any "right" answers at the current moment. But I'm interested to hear what you think. What does success mean to you from here on out?

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