Nick Foligno Is The New Captain Of The Columbus Blue Jackets

The cat is out of the bag - a day early, but it's still exciting news. The team will name #71 their Captain in tomorrow's press conference.

Ever get really good news in a kind of crappy way, and it makes you happy, but you're a bit sad at the same time?

That's the feeling that most of the Blue Jackets fans (and likely the front office) are probably dealing with after Aaron Portzline and the Dispatch broke the news that Nick Foligno will be named the Captain of the Blue Jackets at tomorrow's 11am press conference.

I mean, it's not like the organization had spent a week and a half building the announcement up for everyone or anything like that.

Regardless of what you feel about this bit of journalistic scoop artistry, it really is exciting news, and it feels like the right move, not just the right now move.

Foligno has had two of his best career seasons to date in Columbus, but his impact off the ice is what likely marked him as worthy of this honor to both his teammates and the front office. Since last year he's been active in all of the team's charity efforts, become a regular "voice" of the room with fans and the media, and was an entertaining and welcoming presence at the All Star Game, where he represented both the franchise and the city of Columbus with distinction.

Plus, there's the hugs.

We at The Cannon offer our sincerest congratulations to Nick and the Foligno family. This is a great honor, and we know that you will wear it with pride.

Welcome home, O Captain our Captain. We look forward to the battles to come.

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