NHL Trade Deadline 2013: If you were GM...

...and you had to make a trade by Wednesday's deadline, what would it look like?

Yesterday I posed the following question on Twitter:

If you were the Blue Jackets general manager, and you had to make a trade by Wednesday's deadline, who would you trade, and for what?

I promised to share some of the best responses on the blog today. Maybe that was a mistake.

I count two semi-realistic responses, a few goofballs, and one that, well, just didn't play along. Rather than not follow through on posting the best the to blog today, I'll post even the crazy ideas, and open the floor to you, with the same question.

So, if you were in Jarmo Kekalainen's chair right now, and the rule was you had to make one trade by tomorrow at 3pm, what would your ideal trade look like?

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