The Cannon NHL Standings Predictions

Who among The Cannon writers can see the future?

As we do before the start of every season, the writers here at The Cannon submitted their standings predictions for the upcoming year. Click the image below to check out our picks:


As you can see, we’re quite bullish on the Lightning, Capitals and Predators, with all of use choosing at least one of those clubs to participate in the ‘Cup final. We also like the Sharks to do regular season damage in the Pacific Division, but we don’t see them making back to the final.

Some more takeaways from our rankings:

  • the Coyotes, Canucks and Wild should be at the bottom of the Western Conference.
  • We’re split right down the middle on whether or not the Wings can continue their run of playoff appearances.
  • PD has the Isles finishing second in the Metro. Hmmm
  • 5 of the 6 writers have Washington winning the Metro again.
  • Dan likes the Blues this year. Not only does he have them winning the Central, he has them in the ‘Cup final against the Lightning. Their window seems to be closing, so if they’re going to win it all it likely has to be this year.
  • It’s interesting to see where we all stand on the Jackets, noted optimist Pale Dragon has the team making the postseason as the second Eastern Conference Wildcard team, while Jeff goes a step further and has the team making it as the first Wildcard. Matt and Dan have the Jackets finishing 7th in the Metro, while Seeds and I are setting expectations low, with the team finishing last in the division/

Give us your predictions in the comments!

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