NHL releases 2016-2017 Schedules: Blue Jackets face 19 Back to Backs

Schedule wise, this is going to be a demanding year for the Jackets.

Do not adjust your set.

Do not change the channel.

Yes, we really said 19 sets of back to back games.

The Blue Jackets have released the team's full schedule for the 2016-2017 season, and the fans in Columbus better hope they show some serious endurance.

The Blue Jackets will play 38 games, just under half the regular season, on back to back nights.

Worse, almost all will involve significant travel. In those back to back dates we find the team entirely on the road for 8, splitting between home and away for 9, and only at home twice. For a team with repeated injury concerns, this looks like a schedule that's going to put a lot of stress on their bodies, and many won't even include the chance to at least enjoy the comforts of home to help recover.

One advantage is that many of the split games are at least against Atlantic and Metropolitan division teams, which will reduce the strain of travel compared to trips out to face teams in California or Western Canada, but it sure looks like the campaign will be some pretty tough sledding ahead.

One way or another, we'd suggest the guys all keep an extra bag packed.

Do you see trouble ahead with this schedule? Got some games already circled on your calendar? Take a look and let us know what you think.

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