NHL Power Rankings - Jackets humbled, brought back to Earth

The Power Rankings are now out. Keep in mind they were posted within the last few days so they might not reflect the current records of the league.

There is an eerie feeling surrounding this team right now. Rewind to this time last year that the Blue Jackets went on a losing streak that killed their hot start, and for all intents and purposes, ruined their season. Fast forward to present day, and the Jackets started the season great (the best in franchise history - again) and another losing streak slowed them down.

Time to sink, or swim boys!

(Side note: During games 21-25 last season, the Blue Jackets went 0-3-2. This year, 0-4-1. Both years, the next win came in game 26.)



ESPN - 17th out of 30 (Last week: 10th; updated: 12/6/10; record: 14-10-1)

"So, is this the beginning of the end of the Blue Jackets' storybook season? They've lost five straight, can't score and can't keep opponents from scoring. This will be the first big test for rookie coach Scott Arniel, as falling beneath the surface never to be seen again looms as a possibility for this team."

TSN - 16th out of 30 (Last week: 11th; updated: 12/7/10; record: 15-10-1)

"You know, Columbus, I try to get excited about you, but it's not easy when you lose five in a row, getting outscored by ten in the last two. "

CBS Sports - 21st out of 30 (Last week: 9th; updated: 12/6/10; record: 14-10-1)

"A great start last season was ruined by a slump that started in late November. Sound familiar?"

Fox Sports - 12th out of 30 (Last week: 6th; updated: 12/7/10; record: 15-10-1)

"In the first week of December, the Blue Jackets picked up right where they left off in November — on the losing side of games. Columbus dropped all three of its games last week, extending its losing streak to five games heading into play this week. Before this stretch, the Jackets hadn't lost back-to-back games all season long."

The Dispatch - 16th out of 30 (Last week: 8th; updated: 12/6/10; record: 14-10-1)

"We're told the Penguins left the keys to Nationwide Arena under the mat on their way out of town Saturday."

The Hockey News - 12th out of 30 (Last week: 6th; updated: 12/6/10; record: 14-10-1)

"Jackets reverting to poor form with which they began ‘10-11 season"

The Bleacher Report - 19th out of 30 (Last week: 10th; updated: 12/6/10; record: 14-10-1)

"After winning five straight, the Blue Jackets look like they have fallen back to earth. They've dropped five in a row, including torturous losses in Buffalo (5-0) and against Pittsburgh (7-2). The reeling Blue Jackets need to turn things around quickly."

As of right now, where do you think the Blue Jackets will be at the end of the regular season?

1-4 seed in the conference - home ice advantage1
5-8 seed - in the playoffs29
Out of the playoffs24

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