NHL Power Rankings - Hanging on by a Thread

The Power Rankings are now out. Keep in mind they were posted within the last few days so they might not reflect the current records of the league.

After a holiday hiatus, we're bringing the ever so popular power rankings back! Its been another struggling December for the Jackets, but a big win on Monday brings hope going into the new year. Can Columbus finish 2010 on a strong note and take 2011 by storm?



ESPN - 25th out of 30 (Last week: 22nd; updated: 12/27/10; record: 17-15-3)

"The Blue Jackets were waxed again Sunday by Chicago -- they can't score and can't keep opponents from scoring on them. Guess that pretty much sums up the Blue Jackets' lot in hockey right now."

TSN - 24th out of 30 (Last week: 20th; updated: 12/28/10; record: 18-15-3)

"Between Jared Boll, Derek Dorsett and now Tom Sestito, the Blue Jackets have no shortage of homegrown pugilists. The homegrown scorers need to start living up to their expectations."

CBS Sports - 27th out of 30 (Last week: 25th; updated: 12/27/10; record: 17-15-3)

"The Jackets are better, a little anyway on the road than they are at home where they suffer from the league's worst power play."

Fox Sports - 19th out of 30 (Last week: 20th; updated: 12/29/10; record: 18-15-3)

"The only thing the Blue Jackets did right in Week 12 was put an end to a four-game losing streak. The team dropped two of three last week, with its only win coming at home on Dec. 21 when it knocked off the Calgary Flames 3-1."

SBN - 11th out of 30 (Last week: 12th; updated: 12/28/10; record: 18-15-3)

From The Rink - 21st out of 30 (Last week: 19th; updated: 12/24/10; record: 17-14-3)

How many points will the Jackets take from our final two games of 2010?


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