NHL Power Rankings - Columbus

The Power Rankings are now out. Keep in mind they were posted within the last few days so they don't reflect the current record of the league.

While the big win against St. Louis impressed many, the encore against Colorado really made people hesitant to elevate this team into the top 10. So, here we are, a week later - a big win against a tough opponent, and an encore game coming up. What will the Jackets do? Lets hope they get the monkey, or in this case, duck, off their backs.


ESPN - 15th out of 30 (Last week: 8th; updated: 11/15/10; record: 9-6-0)

"Sorry, not quite as enthusiastic yet as Mr. Burnside was last week. Need to see more, especially from that 30th-ranked power play."

CBS Sports - 12th out of 30 (Last week: 11th; updated: 11/15/10; record: 9-6-0)

"Solid start for the Jackets and D-man Rostislav Klesla, who is among the league leaders with a plus-11 rating."

TSN - 18th out of 30 (Last week: 17th; updated: 11/15/10; record: 9-6-0)

"Has anyone ever said that the Blue Jackets could use a power play quarterback on the point? Oh, they have? A million times? Just thought it was worth noting since they are again a league-worst 10.2% (6-for-59) with the man advantage."

The Dispatch - 12th out of 30 (Last week: 11th; updated: 11/15/10; record: 9-6-0)

"The lopsided losses make it easy to forget that, at 9-6-0, the Jackets have matched the franchise's best 15-game start (18 points)."

The Hockey News - 8th out of 30 (Last week: 8th; updated: 11/15/10; record: 9-6-0)

"Derick Brassard showing stellar offensive form last seen two seasons ago"

Fox Sports - 9th out of 30 (Last week: 8th; updated: 11/16/10; record: 9-6-0)

"(.600) Week 6 was a funny week for Columbus. The team opened the week by blowing out the Blues 8-1 on Wednesday, but two nights later the Blue Jackets had trouble finding the back of the net in a 5-1 loss to the Avs."

The Bleacher Report - 12th out of 30 (Last week: 14th; updated: 11/15/10; record: 9-6-0)

"With limited offensive firepower, the Blue Jackets hold the league's worst power play. However, they routed division rival St. Louis in Ohio on Wednesday, and Derick Brassard is coming into his own."

Yahoo! Sports - 19th out of 30 (Last week: 20th; updated: 11/16/10; record: 9-6-0)

"The Jackets aren’t going anywhere until these numbers for goalie Steve Mason improve – 3.23 goals-against average and .895 save percentage."

With a great win against a divisional opponent, a dud against a conference rival, and the league's worst PP in mind...What say you, fans, are the latest rankings fair, unfair, or...

Is this team bi-polar?27

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