Moving on after the lockout

A few final thoughts to get off my chest, then back to hockey.

I was pretty vocal during the lockout. Had the entire season been cancelled, I honestly don't know if I would've come back. I've already found my interest level in hockey to be much lower than ever before. When news of a new CBA was announced, I wasn't even happy or relieved, just ticked that it took this long. Maybe that was also because I was depressed after the Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Houston Texans in the playoffs for the second straight year.

Whatever the case, after 24 hours to digest everything, I'm starting to feel better. I highly doubt I'll be directly giving the NHL any of my money this year. It's the least they deserve. But I think active community member cbjfan14 put it best [sic]:

Theres a reason people were so upset, and its because they love hockey. Now that hockey is back, they still love hockey so they are going to watch hockey

That's the bottom line. I love hockey. I don't blame a single one of you if you don't come back. I will be treading very cautiously, and it'd be best for the NHL to offer some type of sincere gesture of thanks to the fans.

Offering free Center Ice packages or deeply discounted tickets to all home openers is the least they could do. What's another game's revenue when they childishly threw away half the season already?

Oh, right. I forgot who we were talking about.

Show us something, NHL. Show us something for lining your pockets with all that money. Show us something for coming back after you bicker over money and hurt fans and local businesses.

Then let's play some hockey.

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