Monsters Mash: Comeback Kids, Hard Work, and a Revolving Forward Door

Your weekly roundup of Monsters and AHL news for the week ending 12.25.2017

Record: 9-13-3-2, 23 points, .426 win%, 7th Central, 15th West

The Cleveland Monsters started the week off with a comeback overtime win against the Iowa Wild, 5-4. This was hands down the best game they played all season. They allowed their confidence and excitement to power them to a win.

Things didn't go well for the Monsters against the Milwaukee Admirals on Friday and Saturday. The momentum in Friday's game was slowed down with every penalty the Monsters took. Their inability to score on the kill and get momentum rolling would lead to their demise, 5-2.

On Saturday, the Monsters battled hard but couldn't seal the deal against the Admirals, 5-3. Fans were treated to a goal and fight in the first eight seconds of the game. With the exception of the third period, the Monsters shone brightly during Saturday's game.


Bobby MacIntyre was returned to the Jacksonville Icemen last week. He had been wearing a red jersey at practice so one would guess he was just with the Monsters to rehab.

Sonny Milano was returned to the Monsters on Thursday. The mere thought of Milano playing with Jordan Schroeder and Tyler Motte excited Monsters' fans. The dream was short lived. Both Schroeder and Motte were called up before Friday's game against the Admirals.

The Jackets returned Schroeder, Motte, and Gaunce on the 23rd. Don't get attached to the idea of Schroeder and Motte being around for the next 4-6 weeks. Yesterday, the Jackets announced Cam Atkinson and Alexander Wennberg would be out of the line up for the next 4-6 weeks. Atkinson with a fractured foot and Wennberg with a back injury.

With Dubinsky out as well, the Jackets need another forward. They are currently looking for offensive playmakers to help them out. I'm not quite sure who they would bring up.

Carter Camper and Miles Koules are two of the best playmakers on the unable to be recalled as they are on AHL only contracts. I don't see the Jackets signing them to a two-way contract just to be able to use them for the next 4-6 weeks. However, it's a worthy risk to take as Camper and Koules have worked incredibly hard and proven they have what it takes to be a successful hockey player.

Sam Vigneault is another Cleveland player who has been playing well the past few weeks. The question is does Vigneault have the chops to make it at the NHL level. I'm not 100% sold. If the Jackets think he has what it takes, I'd love to see how it goes. He's a hard worker who can play with many different types of players. Jackets' coach John Tortorella would probably love to have a guy like him on the team.

Zac Dalpe hasn't played well for the Jackets. It's a shame because he reads the ice very well. However, he doesn't seem to click with the players in Columbus while on the ice. There is some sort of disconnect. Plus, Dalpe just came back from having a bruised lung. The quickness and roughness of the NHL could end up hurting Dalpe more than it would help the Jackets.

There are two people I would recommend the Jackets bring up.

Sonny Milano proved in the beginning of the season he has what it takes to play in the NHL. As of late, things haven't gone well for him in Columbus. However, in Cleveland, Milano has been a dream to have in the lineup. He generates an abundance of offense and his playmaking skills are off the charts. I know a lot of people are looking for the Sonny “the prolific scorer” Milano on the ice. They probably won't see him as much as they would like. Milano has evolved into an all-around player who can handle the roughness and speed of the NHL. His mind has finally reached up to his body. In the past, Milano would race towards a net, fire off a shot regardless of who was around, and hope it would go into the net. This season, Milano races towards the net and knows exactly how the play will shake out regardless of if he shoots or not. He can quickly figure out if the puck needs to be shot or passed. This mental quickness has saved the Monsters many times this season.

Alex Broadhurst is the other forward I would recommend bringing up the Jackets. Bringing him up could be the spark that ignites the fire within Broadhurst, the Monsters, and the Jackets. His work ethic is infectious and he takes everything his coaches/teammates say to heart. With the loss of Dubinsky and Atkinson, the Jackets could use another player with leadership qualities on the ice.

Team Leaders

Point Scorers

  1. Carter Camper; 18
  2. Dean Kukan, Sam Vigneault; 12
  3. Miles Koules;11

Goal Scorers

  1. Miles Koules, Sam Vigneault; 6
  2. Tyler Motte, Paul Bittner, Carter Camper, Joe Pendenza, Calvin Thurkauf; 5
  3. Alex Broadhurst; 4


  1. Carter Camper; 18
  2. Dean Kukan; 11
  3. Sam Vigneault, Brady Austin, John Ramage; 6

Penalty Minutes

  1. John Ramage; 35
  2. Brett Gallant; 34
  3. Brady Austin; 32

Weekly Stats

Around the AHL


Point Scorers

  1. Jack Roslovic, Chris Bourque; 35
  2. Phil Varone; 34
  3. Chris Terry; 33

Goal Scorers

  1. Valentin Zykov; 18
  2. Danick Martel; 17
  3. Chris Terry, Greg Carey; 16


  1. Travis Morin, Phil Varone; 25
  2. Chris Bourque, Matt Taormina; 24
  3. Tanner Fritz; 22

Penalty Minutes

  1. Ross Johnston; 99
  2. Alex Gallant; 89
  3. Tyler Lewington; 88


  1. Garret Sparks; 1.64 GAA, 11 wins, 25 GA, .943 sav%
  2. Jordan Binnington; 1.65 GAA, 8  wins, 16 GA, .936 sav%
  3. Michael Hutchinson; 1.68 GAA, 13  wins, 27 GA, .951 sav%


Rochester Americans' goaltender, Linus Ullmark, was named “CCM/AHL Player of the Week”. Ullmark earned two wins stopping 65 of 68 shots last week.

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