Mason on Olympic Reserve List for Canada

I just saw this on TSN, here's the snippet:

Team Canada officials are reluctant to divulge the number of reserves, or their identity, however sources tell TSN the reserve list includes four forwards, three defencemen and a goaltender. All of the players on the reserve list have been contacted by Canada's management team and told to be ready in case of injury.

Sources say Dallas Stars' defenceman Stephane Robidas is one of three reserve defencemen who has been asked to be ready to fly in to Vancouver on a moments notice, in the event a Canadian defenceman is injured in NHL play this weekend. While Robidas has received the call, he may not necessarily be Canada's first choice for a replacement on the blueline.

Columbus Blue Jackets' goalie, Steve Mason has also been instructed to be prepared in case Martin Brodeur, Roberto Luongo, or Marc-André Fleury suffers an injury.

He will likely not even go to Vancouver, but it's good to see he's still in Hockey Canada's good graces.

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