Marching Orders - 4/9/13

The Jackets are back in action, but if they want to see the playoffs, they're going to need some extra help.

We had some good results, such as they were, yesterday, but today is big. The Jackets have to take care of their own business. If they don't, the already narrow window is going to close almost to a hairline.

Obviously, we're rooting for Columbus over San Jose. We also want Los Angeles to take out Dallas in regulation, Nashville over St. Louis, and Chicago over Minnesota.

To those confused about why we're rooting for Nashville or LA, it's all about seeding. We might catch the Blues or Red Wings, and the more they lose in regulation, the easier it gets.

Now, on the Rangers side of things, we got some VERY good news when the Maple Leafs dropped them in Regulation.

We've even got a great slate coming up that might help drive their chances down, while potentially helping our draft position.

So with that in mind, we're looking for the Islanders over Philadelphia in OT, Winnipeg over Buffalo in OT, Washington over Montreal by any means, Ottawa over Tampa Bay, and Carolina over Pittsburgh.

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