Marching Orders - 4/5/2013

New name, same idea - keeping an eye on the games tonight, including the Jackets' matchup against the Blues, and how they affect the odds for the playoffs and Columbus' bonus draft picks!

So, I was thinking about last night's game, and someone said the team had "New marching orders"....and I was, like, "WHOA. That's a way better name for this."

So, person I am ripping off from twitter, I apologize. I totally lifted your thing.

So, with all that in mind, let's talk about tonight's action.

Here's what we're looking for in the Western Conference.

Obviously, we want to see Columbus beat St. Louis.
Colorado to defeat Detroit, in regulation if possible.
Calgary to defeat San Jose, again, in regulation. (Ha. hahaha. Ha. Hah.)
Anaheim to defeat Dallas in regulation.

If we get the best results, the Jackets can improve their playoff chances from 15% to 29%! That's a huge leap, and it all begins and ends with taking care of business against divisional opponents.

Meanwhile, in the Eastern Conference, there's only two games - and New York is right in the thick of them.

We're rooting for Pittsburgh to defeat the Rangers in regulation, and Buffalo defeating Ottawa would be the cherry atop the sundae.

The Rangers' current odds are 74% to make the playoffs, but a loss to Pittsburgh knocks that back by 10%. The Pens have been struggling since Crosby got hurt, but that won't last forever. It'd be nice to see them break out.

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