Marching Orders - 4/27/13

The Jackets got the help they needed from Edmonton, and now everything comes down to the final game of the regular season.

"Now, it has all come down to this: the ultimate risk, for the ultimate prize!"
-Megatron (II)

The Jackets went into last night with two possible paths to the playoffs - win, and hope Dallas defeated Detroit, or win, and hope Minnesota lost both of their final games.

Well, thanks to the Oilers putting a 6-1 beatdown on the Wild, the door is open. A win by Columbus and a loss by either Minnesota or Detroit puts them into the postseason. Mathematically, it's a coin flip - heads you get playoffs, tails you don't.

Both Columbus and Detroit's games start at the same time. Minnesota's game starts a half hour later.It's going to be a tense, tense day, with a lot of scoreboard watching. Also, for the record, if the Jackets get at least a point, and Minnesota loses in regulation, the Jackets still break through, but that's not the way you want to make it. You want to see the boys come home covered in glory and blood, and a big victory for the home fans to cheer.

The building is going to be packed. The team keeps finding ways to reward their fans lately.
Get loud, get proud, and let's see what happens.

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