Marching Orders, 4/21/13

As the regular season comes down to the wire, it's a make or break day for the Blue Jackets' playoff chances.

Every game this week will be vital to the Blue Jackets, and we're going to see their chances fluctuate almost minute to minute as the NHL comes thundering down the stretch. With the odds hanging at roughly 25% coming into today's game, the most obvious key for Columbus is that they must win against San Jose, preferably in regulation.

We're also rooting for Los Angeles to beat Dallas in regulation, and for Calgary to take out Minnesota.

If everything hits right, the chances for Columbus could be as high as 50% by the end of the night, but it all hinges on the win in San Jose.

Meanwhile, the Rangers remain in control of their own destiny, but the Islanders and Jets are making life rather interesting on Broadway.

Today's tilt against the Devils is huge. If New Jersey wins in regulation, the Rangers suddenly find themselves stuck at 50 points and losing their game in hand to Winnipeg, who are only one point back and playing a huge game against Buffalo tomorrow. Should the Rangers lose today and the Jets will, they'll be outside looking in, and running out of road to fix it.

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