Marching Orders - 4/17/13

Short version: We hate three point games as we hate hell, Montagues, and thee. The Jackets need to keep up their winning ways tonight against the Ducks, but some regulation wins (or losses) by the right teams will make a big difference.

Once again, we hoped for a little help from other members of the Western Conference, and once again we were disappointed.

And they wonder why we're so glad to be going East. (Well, that and the fact that we'd be in sole possession of 8th place and making a potential run on Toronto for fifth.)

The song remains the same for the Blue Jackets: Take care of your own business. If the Jackets win tonight, everything else is gravy. Potentially very tasty gravy, but still gravy.

If Columbus defeats Anaheim, their playoff chances get a boost up to 33%. If Calgary defeats Detroit in regulation, we start closing in on 40%. (Yeah, OK, so that's not so likely, but it'd be nice if the coinflip went our way a FEW times this week.)

Meanwhile, out East, the Rangers took a big hit when they lost to Steve Mason and the Flyers, coupled with a Winnipeg move that put the Jets into a tie for 8th. (Your moment of Zen was listening to the NBC Sports guys praising Paul Holmgren for grabbing Steve Mason at the deadline and locking him up on a new deal. Your further moment of zen will be this time next year when they're bashing Holmgren for putting so much faith in Mason after he only played a handful of good games before getting a new deal.)

The only game today that affects New York is Boston vs. Buffalo, and it's barely moving the needle, so root however you like. Emotionally, I'm sure more than a few people around the country will be wishing the Bruins luck tonight.

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