Marching Orders - 4/15/2013

Once again, the Jackets' top priority is to win their own game, but there are many factors in motion tonight.

The Jackets did what they needed to do, but unfortunately San Jose and Nashville didn't give them any help this weekend, leaving them back behind Detroit again, and still in a tight pack with the Stars and Coyotes.

If they can beat Colorado tonight, though, they'll be back into the mix once again, and perhaps we could hope for just a little more help tonight.

Aside from the game against the Avalanche, Columbus fans are rooting for...

Chicago over Dallas
Calgary over Minnesota
Phoenix over San Jose

All of those in regulation, of course. (Though I get the argument that San Jose winning drops Phoenix, but OTOH it also keeps the overall playoff "bar" a little closer. It's a philosophical debate.)

Meanwhile, out East, the Rangers are still in good shape, and the only games today that could affect them are both VERY minor.

That said, if you want to hope for New Jersey, well, it couldn't hurt...

EDIT: In the wake of this afternoon's events, the NHL has postponed the Sens / Bruins game in Boston tonight. Absolutely right decision.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by today's events. Cheers for the EMTs, first responders, and public safety officials who ran into danger to help those in need.

Be good to each other today. Life is too short.

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