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Marching Orders – 4/14/13

The Jackets are one game played ahead of Detroit, Dallas, St. Louis, and several other clubs in the playoff chase, and today is where a few of those teams catch up.

While the club is recovering from their back to back victories with an off day in Colorado, two of the three games on the schedule for Sunday could easily impact their attempts to break into the postseason.

Given the three way tie right now between 8th and 10th place, we desperately need Nashville to help us out and beat the Red Wings.

If they can take care of that business, and Chicago can knock off the Blues in regulation, it’s not just big mathematically, it’s likely to be a big mental boost because the club will be able to keep pace without falling behind on their off day.

Beyond that, the Rangers have very nearly sewn up a playoff spot after taking the OT win against the Islanders yesterday, to the point that the only Eastern conference game on the schedule (Buffalo vs. Tampa Bay) doesn’t have any affect on their playoff odds. (Monday is another story, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.)

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