Marching Orders - 4/13/13

The Jackets will take on the Wild, but there's a full slate of games that could help or hurt depending on how the chips fall.

After boosting their chances over 11 percent, even with some less than ideal results in other games last night, the Jackets could bring themselves up from one chance in ten to one chance in five if a few things break right - not the least being a victory in regulation today.

Aside from that result, we're also rooting for:

San Jose over Dallas in regulation.
Calgary over Edmonton in regulation.
Anaheim over Los Angeles in regulation.

Over in the East, the Rangers are still more likely than not to make the postseason, but if they lose to the Islanders, their chances take a big hit. Washington beating Tampa Bay also dips their chances - especially if the Capitals win in OT. Philadelphia over Buffalo in regulation is also good for Columbus (and seems entirely possible), as is Toronto over Montreal, but that game is almost a push regardless of the results.

The challenges won't stop, and the same games that can help keep the club alive could just as easily break them if the results all go against them.

Even's April., there are single digit games remaining, and there's a real chance that this team could break through.

It's a good time to be a fan.

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