Marching Orders - 4/12/13

It's "Win or Go Home" tonight, but there are some other games in action tonight that could help - or hurt - the Blue Jackets.

Today's possibly the biggest day of the season for the Jackets. If they lose - and a few games go the wrong way - you can pretty much close the door on any postseason hopes.

On the other hand, a win keeps them alive, and with a little luck, the odds tilt just a bit more into their favor.

So obviously we're rooting for the Jackets to beat the Sharks, but we're also looking for the following results:

Chicago over Detroit in regulation.

Calgary over Phoenix - ideally in regulation, but an OT or SO win doesn't have too much of a negative affect.

Nashville over Dallas - again, preferring regulation, but OT/SO isn't terrible either.

Meanwhile in the East...the Rangers might be getting a bit concerned about the Jets and Islanders at this point. Especially with the Jets ending the year at home, while they're mostly on the road.

As far as Jackets fans are concerned, in the East, the best result is New Jersey to beat Ottawa in OT, but any result EXCEPT a regulation Ottawa win actually helps Columbus out.

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