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Marching Orders – 4/11/13

Yesterday was a bit of a downer, if you’re following the numbers. Because New York and Boston both won, the Rangers chances of making the postseason improved dramatically, lowering the value of their draft pick, but we’ve still got a few more games to go, and one important lesson here is that anything can happen.

As for Columbus, the window is still open, but it’s quite narrow, and we’re hoping for some help tonight to crack it up just a little wider before the Jackets get a chance to take matters into their own hands on Friday.

Tonight, we’re rooting for San Jose to beat Detroit in regulation, St. Louis to beat Minnesota in regulation, and Colorado to top LA in regulation. (Yeah, laugh about that one, but they -did- hand Anaheim a pretty good defeat last night.)

As things go in the East, well, it’s complicated. We’re rooting for Winnipeg over Florida in regulation, the Islanders in regulation OR OT over Boston (though Boston winning in OT is also helpful), Washington over Carolina, Tampa Bay over Pittsburgh by any means, Philadelphia over Ottawa in OT or a shootout OR Ottawa in OT or a shootout (essentially we’re rooting for Not Regulation), and Buffalo over Montreal by any means necessary.

Whew. Confused yet?